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​For over 145 years, children, youth, and family advocacy, racial justice, public policy, and global policy have been the foci of United Methodist Women's advocacy and part of their mission call.  Their advocacy has helped improve and empower the lives of many and can be categorized under the following two areas which we share with our readers.  The links below lead to details.

RACIAL JUSTICE                                                                      SOCIAL ACTION

This subsection offers current UMW activities to ensure                        This subsection reports on current UMW advocacy efforts.

racial justice.



​GNJ UMW 2017 and 2018 events to include meetings, leadership training, Neighborhood Center Gala, and Mission “u”

2019 Calendar​​​


​Lent 2019:  With All Your Heart

  • Visit the DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES of the United Methodist Church for information about Lent 2019:  With All Your Heart and a schedule of prayers for each week.  Our church wishes are:  May your Lenten season be one of challenge, commitment, and support as the church responds to the call of God - "Return to me with all your heart." (Joel 2:12)

Mission "u"

​         Annual training to learn together for transformation of the world.

​​       ​       Three-day school:  July 12-14, 2019, Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ

​                      - Brochure

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                         - Agenda

​               One-day school:  July 20, 2019, 8am to 5pm, Calvary Korean UMC, East Brunswick, NJ

                     - Click here for agenda, registration, and location.

​​​Pop Up Library           

        A program created in partnership with Children's Museum of Houston and sponsored by Gateway South Poverty Task force to  

        improve young children's learning abilities. It is designed for families with young children and brings library materials, resources

        and programming into public spaces.

Freedom Schools - Reading Literacy for Children

​​       A GNJUMW project to initiate reading programs in our churches at no or little cost with support when needed from our community

      colleges, universities and social organizations.  Begin one at your church Sunday School or Youth Program today!  We are striving to

      combat illiteracy in New Jersey and enable our children and adults to read the bible. 

      Click the above title for our brochure and click here for Children and Adult Literacy Resources which will be updated as needed.  We       thank you in advance for your participation and efforts!  2/16/19


District Presidents

Education & Interpretation (E&I)



You, Lord, give perfect peace in those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you. 

Trust in the Lord forever; he will always protect us.

                                                                                Isaiah 26:3-4 GNT